Ready to get started with mentorship? It happens in four steps:


Step 1: Sign Up

Select your subscription plan or single session.


Step 2: Complete the Discovery Survey

Once you sign up, you’ll receive a survey to complete. This is a time saver, and helps you get the most out of your one-on-one time with me. It also helps me prepare for our first call, and gets you in the mindset to start thinking about your goals.

This form takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.


Step 3: Schedule Your Training

Pick available times to schedule your training. I am available most weeknights and unless I am larping, I’m usually available on the weekends as well. I am located in the Eastern Standard Time Zone (usually; sometimes I travel).


Step 4: Click the Link at Your Appointed Time

Every interaction is face-to-face over Google Hangouts. Just click the link when it’s time to start. Don’t worry about preparing: as long as you’ve filled out that discovery survey, I’ll lead you right into the process.


What does the training look like?

That varies from person to person, because the mentorship is extremely customized. Some people really need that accountability buddy; others are organized and are even better at scheduling than I am, but they haven’t designed a larp before and don’t know what to do. Your training is tailored to your needs.

We’ll begin by establishing goals and planning out a strategy for you to attain them.

Depending on your needs, we might discuss:

  • Confidence
  • Concept and creation
  • Opportunities to run your game
  • Community building
  • Game materials, such as character creation
  • Game mechanics
  • Safety and consent
  • Marketing strategies
  • Accountability
  • Game finances and business; general legal information*
  • Personal situations affecting larp
  • Personal branding and reputation in the local, national, and international larp community
  • Design document completion
  • Review of existing gaming materials

I’ll usually leave you with an assignment, due the next session. This helps us stay on track.

*I am not a lawyer, but I can point you in the direction of some of the resources you may need to run your game safely and legally. Before executing the launch of any studio (business) or event, I recommend checking with a lawyer.