You’ll get the most out of my assistance if you’re a new or intermediate larp designer. If you’re looking for help with creating a salon larp or have a much larger concept, I can help you set realistic expectations and a schedule.

Not sure what to need or where to go? I’ve spent a decade networking and participating in the larp community, and I can facilitate these connections for you. (If I don’t already have a connection in your region or area of inquiry, I know exactly where to look.)

If you’re not sure you’re ready, you lack the confidence or plan to make the first step into larp design, or you realize that most of the big name larp designers come from different backgrounds than you, we can work through these challenges together.

Do you need help establishing a culture of trust, honesty, safety, and respect? That starts at the initial design phase – but revisions work, too. Let’s review your materials together to prevent toxicity and problematic behavior in your larp community.

Do you have a design document or a folder of gaming notes ready for review? We can look those over together.

Do you have the talent and feel motivated, but need a goal-oriented plan and an accountability buddy? I get it! I live by deadlines because my events have set dates and I meet my goals. Let me show you how to make that happen.

Do you face extra challenges, such as health issues, busy schedules, and outside obligations? I get that. I suffer from chronic illness issues and have balanced larp development with other jobs. I can help you balance this. I’m still working on being kind to myself, but I’ve learned how to leave some room in my schedule to accommodate health issues, and those lessons can help you.