About Larp Mentor Tara M. Clapper


I’m Tara M. Clapper, a storyteller. That’s at the center of everything I do in business, including larp. With a background in publishing and marketing, I entered the larp scene in the Northeastern United States in 2007. By 2010, I was leading the marketing efforts for a well-known fantasy campaign boffer larp. I’ve had the honor of attending many gaming events and conventions as a participant, panelist, press, or organizer, and I’m the founder and publisher of The Geek Initiative.

After performing leadership roles in and out of game at larps and interactive theatrical events for nearly a decade, it took a fair amount of coaching and encouragement from top game designers before I committed to writing and running my first solo larp effort at a convention in 2016. When I lost my full-time content marketing job in 2017, I pioneered a digital larp initiative, and have been successfully creating and running games as a paid game master and creator ever since.

I’ve also done a significant amount of editorial work for larp and tabletop RPG related websites and studios and run digital events for internationally recognized businesses.

Along with digital larps, I’m online as the founder and one of the hosts of Larp Chat Live.

As Founder and Publisher of The Geek Initiative (an online community for women in geek culture), I always attempt to approach people, projects, and concepts with the spirit of inclusion.


My areas of expertise include:

  • Concept evaluation, development, and refinement
  • Confidence building and confronting impostor syndrome
  • Standard sensitivity reviews (I refer out for more in-depth reviews as needed)
  • Standardization of game materials (character sheets, rules sets)
  • Editing game materials (developmental edits and proofreading)
  • Search engine optimized (SEO) digital content
  • Content and marketing calendars
  • Launch timelines
  • Social media and community moderation
  • Publicity and promotion
  • Identifying innovation
  • Conveying current larp trends and areas of controversy
  • Fostering inclusion in gaming materials, with a focus on safety and consent


My gaming credits include:

  • She’s Got a Gun: A Four Hour Feminist Live Action Role Playing Experience (designer, run at Dreamation and Gen Con, pending publication – submitted)
  • CHARIOT LARP: A Digital Sci-Fi LARP (designer and lead GM)
  • Project A.T.H.E.N.A.: A Digital Superhero LARP (co-designer)
  • Hellfire & Happiness: A Regency England Digital Occult Digital LARP (designer and GM)
  • New World Magischola 5, 7, and Yule 2017 by Learn Larp LLC: House President (player, in and out of game leadership role)
  • First Bite, Second Birth: A Contemporary Vampire Digital LARP (designer and lead GM)
  • Dragon Thrones 1, 2, 3: King’s Advisor (GM)
  • Hotel Time Machine: The Operator (remote lead NPC)
  • Dragon Thrones by The Game Theatre: Mirror Missions (digital larp GM and storyteller)
  • Public Memory by Learn Larp LLC (facilitator)


In addition to running The Geek Initiative, I’ve also been published about larp on:


I’ve worked on some gaming materials, too:


I have consulted formally and informally for multiple major larp studios, video game companies, and established publishers and marketers intent on entering the gaming space.

I’m proud to be a two-time guest on the Our Turn: Women in Gaming podcast.